The Top 5 Most Popular Moral Stories

Do you want your child to be a role model incorporated with moral values? Are you looking for ways to teach your kid moral values. Take a look at a few of these moral bearing stories that can instill ethics in your child.

The Duck That Laid the Golden Egg


A happy couple, who were fortunate to have a duck laying a golden egg regularly, was desperate to be the richest family instantly. They thought that if this little bird I able to lay a golden egg every day, it must be of gold inside. They decided to get the precious metal all at once and in the greed of wealth, they killed the bird. They are left stunned when the reality is revealed to them; it was just like a normal duck inside.
Moral: Greed never pays!

Read the Duck that Laid the Golden Egg moral story!

The Hare and the Tortoise


In the jungle, a tortoise challenged the braggart hare who was proud of his fast running, as he was tired of the self-praising attitude of hare. Everybody gathered to see the unusual race. When the race began, the hare pulled ahead. When he looked behind to see the slow tortoise, the hare decided to rest. The tortoise kept on walking until he reached the finishing line. At that moment, everyone started cheering him, which woke up the hare. Awoken, the hare begins to run but it was too late. The tortoise had already won the race.
Moral: Slow and steady wins the race

The Bear and The Two Travelers


While two friends were travelling together, they saw a bear and tried to climb the nearest tree. One of them was hurt and failed to climb. When the bear came near, the injured boy decided to act dead. Considering him for dead, the bear left him. After the bear was gone, his friend came down, inquiring what the bear had whispered in his ears. The injured companion replied, “He advised me not to trust a friend who leaves you at the time of need.”
Moral: A friend In need is a friend indeed!

Nails in the Fence


A father gave a bag full of nails to his short-tempered son and asked him to hammer a nail every time he lost his temper. One fine day his son told his father that he had driven no nails. His father appreciated him and now instructed him to pull out a nail whenever he manages to control temper. A few days later, he eagerly informed his father that there were no nails left in the fence. His father showed him the holes left due to nails and explained, that even though he tried really hard to control his temper, the fence will never be the same. In the same ways our actions that hurt others leave permanent scars.
Moral: Be careful what you say, because out words and actions can hurt others permanently.

The Lion and the Mouse

In a jungle, a mouse was teasing a lion and got caught by him. The lion wanted to eat up the mouse, but he requested his forgiveness and promised to help him in need. Out of excitement, the lion released him. A few days later, the little mouse saw that the lion was trapped in hunter’s net.  The mouse ran toward him and nibbled the rope to help the lion to escape.
Moral: Little friends may prove great friends.

Read the Lion and the Mouse short story.
Do you know any more wonderful moral stories for kids? Comment below!


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