5 Popular Benefits of Playing Sudoku

Sudoku, whether played online, on a phone or on paper is a game that benefits kids of all ages. This puzzle helps train the brain to perfection. The skills one learns and gets polished via the act of playing Sudoku make the moments of despair when you can’t crack it, totally worth it.

  1. Problem Solving

Sudoku puzzles are thought provoking as they require children to use different thinking processes. Do the numbers match? Does the series make sense? Will it fit? Are all the numbers correct? If not this number then what?

These questions and the process of trying and failing to answer them is what teach them how to think critically. A child will keep trying till the level of failure is surpassed and they know the solution.


  1. Mental Math’s

Sudoku is a brain game and one of the best kids learning games that polishes a child’s cognitive skills. It familiarizes children with numbers and this helps them improve mental maths.


  1. Divert Energy Positively.

Children don’t succeed at puzzle making in the very first go. The process involves trial and error. This teaches children two important moral lessons- never give up and to be patient. Jigsaw puzzles instill patience in children. The time a child spends in Sudoku could have been wasted on video gaming or television. Instead, in solving the puzzle, the child is using his brain cells and doing something positive and constructive.


  1. Memory

Remembering if you used a number in a particular column, row or box isn’t easy.  But Sudoku helps in remembering. It polishes a person’s skills of remembering where they placed a number. Repeatedly solving Sudoku helps sharpen a child’s long-term and short term memory.

  1. Increases Focus

Earworms are not actual worms, they are melodies, tunes or songs that get stuck in one’s head and are repeated by out subconscious mind. These earworms make it difficult for children to focus. Sudoku helps in getting rid of ear worms. After Sudoku if children study, the are more likely to have a more alert and focused brain and that will have a positive influence on their performance. Sudoku helps train children in focusing their attention. This has benefits in schooling life as a child learns to control the wondering mind and focus it clearly on the task at hand thus boosting the performance greatly.

Sudoku is a fun game that is enjoyed by children of all ages. So the next time you catch your child solving the puzzle, instead of shouting about them wasting time, join them. Sudokus are the best sort of puzzle games online for kids.

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