Dos and Don’ts of Planning a Party on a Budget

The days when a few sandwiches, jelly, juices and a game of charades or pass the pillow were enough for an amazing children’s party, are long gone. Now parties are a symbol of social status, popularity and prestige. With the increase in the usage of social media, throwing a good party is highly essential as you have to “post it on Facebook” or Tweet about in on Twitter! Parties create a lot of stress when it comes to peer pressure! It the party you have thrown is not up to the mark, it will sabotage your social life and social image! All this just doesn’t create problem for the children, but it also pouts extra pressure on parents because if parents can’t fulfill the needs and wants of their children, it puts strain on their relation. A child just demands a party and it is up to the parent to throw a memorable one. Not all parents can afford to throw a super luxurious party. Most parents have a monthly budget to abide by, so should they not let their child have memorable birthdays? We have the solution to this. We have brought together a list of do’s and don’ts for parent who wants to throw an amazing party for their child, but while it is pocket friendly.

Make reasonable invites- Make them from paper and design them with markers. You can also design them on the computer and then print them out. Another amazing and creative was is to send e-invitations. Use social media websites or Emails to send out invites.


When it comes to the venue, throw it in your own back yard. If you don’t have enough space requests a friend or family member if you could use their backyard.


Professional party entertainers are expensive. Find alternative forms of entertainments like telling horror stories, games, board games etc. you can even buy raw material and set up small craft stations.

Photography is an important component of the party. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer! Ask someone for a camera (DSLR) and take the pictures yourself.


Don’t go overboard and hire the services of a caterer- it will be very expensive. Cook at home! Research online for recipes and them make them. You can also ask family or friends to lend a helping hand in the kitchen.

Make your own cake.


Goody bags are a nice addition, but if they don’t fit your budget leave them out!


Decorations should be colorful! Ask friends or family to lend them to you. Use the good old streamers and balloons. It is reasonable and makes the party look beautiful. Want a little extra? Pull out the Christmas light from the attic!


The most important thing is to first plan out how much money you can spend. Then allocate the money accordingly. If you have some left, you can splurge. Party planning services may also be used, but they will be more expensive and if you give them a budget guideline to work with, they will deliver using poor quality material. Hence if you want to throw a mind blowing party and yet plan it according to a budget, follow the guideline above.

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