Moral Story on Gratitude


Life is a roller coaster of happy moments as well as sad ones. Most of the times we are so engaged in our routine that we forget to recall how’s been our day? This is something important in one’s life as they wishes to maintain a smooth flow.

The most common quotes, “for every action, there is a reaction.” Well, yes this phrase is pretty true.  What we do and what decision we make for ourselves does have an impact on others and on our future too.

Throughout the life, from a newly born to an old man, we do have different inspirations.  But what does that attracts which makes one follow others? It’s the satisfaction that they have.  And the best way to attain satisfaction is through gratitude instead of complaining.

Why do we complain?

This is the most commonly asked yet practiced question. As human, we do contain this consistency to complain about different things. Something’s that recalls us to work hard for next. This is one point of view while others just oppose this thought.

Our parents do emphasize on how to make ourselves happy by thanking for what are we today and what we have achieved? This is the easiest, yet hardest thing.  It’s in human nature to keep asking for more and more and so where we couldn’t qualify for a certain things, we start complaining. It is the easiest way as pulling off your burden or mistake to someone else shoulder.

Gratitude, the Remedy for Complaining

Most of the times, people consult doctors because they become patients of depression.  Remember, complaining doesn’t give any sort of pleasure. Instead it only arouses a state of uneasiness where you continuously tries to make yourself free from any harm. The best remedy for complain is its opposite: gratitude. Be thankful of what you have is something that will encourage you to help others as well make more opportunities for ourselves. No one is perfect and no one can’t be ever. So in order to make the life easy and less boring, you can take out some time for yourself and pay thanks to the ones who feel left out.

The Story of Reginald, the Kings Most Trusted Adviser

We have been reading a lot of moral stories for kids that seeks to cover different aspects of life and enable us to be a better person. Similarly, the story of Reginald revolves.

Out of all the advisers, the king has. Reginald is the one who is trusted the most. Every advice he give to his king, have some meaning.

One day, the king got a cut and so he asks the king to advice. His simplicity took him to dungeon.  Later, the king went to hunting trip and got caught by the native people who were taking him to sacrifice. But seeing his cut, they don’t hurt him.

On his way back to home he asked the king what has made him save him? He said that if he too would have not advised that, he would not be able to save from those natives.

So in the conclusion, the most important thing that matters is what you still prefer to be in the times when you have everything and when you don’t. Remember, being neutral in both scenario help one to easily tackle the situation.
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